Hi!  I’m Sam.      That's me in Italy! ------>

I've always loved painting, from spending afternoon's in my nan's kitchen, scribbling drawings of snowmen, to doing art through school & sixth form. All the way through to now, where I reignited my love for art during lockdown, and found a new favourite medium; ink.
Using ink and water on watercolour paper, I love to create rustic and scratchy versions of pretty much anything I see - buildings, flowers, vehicles, and most recently; doors!
Mostly working to commission, I still love to find time to paint for fun and enjoy filling our house with my random drawings and paintings!

Then one day, while drawing with a fountain pen, the pen nib caught my eye and I thought 'that would make a beautiful pendant!', so I bought some old nibs, and made them into necklaces - which I sell on Etsy!

Alongside the rather primitave past times that are painting and jewellery making, I've also always loved designing logos and imagery in Photoshop, to the point that I've made a living as a graphic designer, working on everything from logos and branding to book and album covers.
Then, through work, I also found a love for photography and videography and have been fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of filming and editing as a full time job for the past 4 years!

When I'm not doing any of the above, I play drums and percussion in a couple of awesome bands, as well as play video games, and build Lego! (oh and spend time with my beautiful wife! <3)
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